From the beginning, our motto has been, “We don’t work with jerks.”  We like our clients, and they like us.  It’s the first and most important step in developing a prosperous business relationship.  If you are reading this, we’re pretty sure you are not a jerk and we look forward to getting to know you.  In the meantime, allow us to share a bit about who we are. 

Kathy Wall
a.k.a. Ringleader

Founding The Media Matters in 2001, Kathy has lent her award-winning talents in marketing, brand strategy, and advertising services to the home furnishings industry for three decades. 

Kathy is a well-versed world traveler with a penchant for designer clothes at a great deal, a perfect cosmo, and music from the 50s.  She loves breaking glass ceilings, giving presentations, and getting checks in the mail.  She hates oranges, cruise ships, and the squirrels in her yard.

  Kathy's quote:  “I've had a few arguments with people, but I never carry a grudge.  You know why?  While you're carrying a grudge, they're out dancing.”  Buddy Hackett  
Dawn Brinson
Vice President, Strategic Marketing
a.k.a.  Big Ideas

"Ideas are the engines of innovation." For her entire career, Dawn has turned ideas into creative, lucrative opportunities for clients and companies. Utilizing wide angle thinking acquired from more than 25 years experience in a broad range of industries, she envisions and executes strategic campaigns that influence perception and drive success.

One of Dawn's goals is to see every corner of the world, and she's well on her way to accomplishing that. If there's an adventure to be had, she's packed and ready for it. She enjoys live music, the farm-to-table movement, and being organized. She abhors whining, NASCAR, mean-spirited people, and licorice.

  Dawn's quote: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. ”  Oscar Wilde  
Melissa Walter
Office Manager
a.k.a.  Juggler

Prior to joining The Media Matters, Melissa worked with politicians in Ohio and ran a county License Bureau and Title Office. From billing, invoicing, ordering and estimating, to vendor communications, website administration and project facilitation, she does it all. She also manages to keep the rest of the Media Matters' team on-track, which at times can be likened to herding cats.

Melissa has a passion for life and is always up for an adventure, keeping her bucket list close at hand. She loves traveling, exercising, motorcycles and horses and despises fear, worry and doubt (and bugs).

  Melissa's quote: “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”  Bob Marley  
Cathy Lloyd
PR Specialist
a.k.a.  Word Wizard

Cathy's specialty is Public Relations. Over the past 20 years she has worked with editors and producers to put clients in the spotlight. She also enjoys copywriting, graphic design, event planning and meeting with the media.

Out of the office you never know where Cathy will pop up. From skydiving to golfing, to snorkeling, exploring new cities and playing word games, Cathy enjoys it all. She loves anything blueberry and things with spots like her Dalmatian, Belle, while actively avoiding liver & onions, guacamole and annoying people.

  Cathy's quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”  Albert Einstein  

who we like
Here are just a few of the wonderful clients and brands with whom we’ve had the privilege of working:

Althorp Living History
Bassett Furniture
Broyhill Furniture Industries
Celia Moh Scholarship Foundation
Decor Rest
Drexel Heritage
Fallani & Cohn/Casa Cristina
Fine Furniture Design
French Heritage
HGTV HOME™ Furniture
Jamie Drake for Theodore Alexander Collection
Keno Bros. Collection
Kincaid Furniture
Lane Furniture
Lexington Home Brands
Metropolitan Home Collection
Nicole Miller Collection
Picture Source
Sligh Furniture
Sphinx by Oriental Weavers
The Zrike Company
Theodore Alexander
Thomasville Furniture
Twin-Star International
Universal Furniture
Woodard Furniture
Woolrich Home Furnishings
Zaki Oriental Rugs

We are also proud supporters and sponsors of the following associations:


who likes us
good words from our fans!

I hired Kathy Wall and the team at Media Matters for their Quick Turn Press Release service. This innovative concept developed by Kathy for small businesses like my design consulting company, Jigsaw Solutions, was the perfect service for my PR needs. An excellent value, my Quick Turn Press Releases have proven to be successful, giving me quantitative leads and new business. The Media Matters is who I call and recommend to others for any PR needs in any industry.

  Catherine Smoak
Design Director, Hard Surface Flooring at UNILIN

Kathy Wall and her company supported me in my work for a client, frequently supplying information and quotes from her clients. I could always count on Kathy to supply stellar resources and content I could use - often within a really tight time frame. She is passionate and clever in her work - and always fun to work with. I enjoy collaborating with Kathy and recommend her highly.

  Ruth Furman
Principal, ImageWords Communications

This recommendation for Kathy is long overdue. When I decided to launch my company, SocialNorth, Kathy was one of the first people I called on for advice. She not only took my call, she offered up a bevy of tips that directly point to the success of my launch. Without her hard-earned and generously shared words of wisdom, I know that my first year out of the gate would have been a much different story.

As I lead WithIt through 2012, Kathy is there again for me. She attended our board of directors planning meeting, graciously giving up her time and energy and insights to help guide our board of directors to success this year. And each time WithIt gathers in High Point or Vegas markets, Kathy is a thoughtful, generous presence that continuously supports WithIt and all who are a part of it. Thank you, Kathy, for all you have done for me personally and for WithIt.

  Julia Rosien
Brand Engineer for Restonic, Chief Idea Officer GoGirlfriend

The Media Matters is a creative team of marketing and public relations professionals that we’ve had the pleasure of working with for several years.  Seasoned in home furnishings and consumer product marketing, they make it a point to learn all they can about our business and our products.  The Media Matters consistently comes up with creative, cost-effective means of building our brands and profitable sales.  Through their efforts, we’ve ended up with free news and editorial coverage in a range of media from national television to consumer magazines to syndicated newspaper coverage, leading trade publications and digital media.  Most importantly, all of the people at The Media Matters are gracious and enthusiastic, developing over the years into good friends.

  Rob Sligh
Chairman, Sligh Furniture Co

Country Living has always had a good working relationship with The Media Matters.  Kathy and her team are strong communicators, both with our editorial department on behalf of her brands from a public relations standpoint and with our advertising department in terms of effective brand media messaging.  It is a pleasure to work with The Media Matters.
  Steven B. Grune
Vice President, Publisher, Country Living magazine

Your work was very professional and The Media Matters is one of the best PR firms specializing in the furniture industry, with a thorough knowledge of how to access the media at all levels to publicize and launch products and brands.  I would recommend your organization to any company large or small needing media coverage of their activities.  I always found your advice and guidance invaluable with a thorough grounding in economic realities.
  Larry Beasley
former Vice President Marketing, Shermag

I've worked with Kathy Wall both when I was an editor-in-chief at Southern Living and as an editor with various Meredith titles, including editor in chief of the decorating and design group. She is experienced and extremely well-connected in the furniture, home furnishings, and related industries and is well thought of and respected by her colleagues and business associates. She runs a first-rate, professional firm with excellent associates. Plus she is bright, engaging, and personable. I'm pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Kathy and her firm.
  Linda Hallam
former editor-in-cheif, Meredith

I have had the opportunity to work with Kathy through our national television show. She has consistently brought interesting clients and story ideas to our attention and has delivered promptly on all her promises. I am always delighted when I see that The Media Matters is representing a possible guest or product being featured on one of our national television programs.
  Vicki Payne
CEO, Cutters Productions, Inc.

We’re an eclectic collaboration of women with the knowledge, contacts, skills, and creative mindset to identify opportunities, offer possibilities, and provide solutions for all types of marketing challenges. Put simply: We make you look GOOD!
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We love exploring new ideas, developing concepts, brainstorming just the right copy, and putting our creative “eye” on the photography and visual components used to communicate our clients’ messages.
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Our approach?  Good old-fashioned common sense and creativity.  Through captivating imagery and language, we can help you break ahead of your competition and stand out in the world of the ordinary.
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