Storage and function find surprising homes in sleek new designs

April 2010, High Point, NC—From its inception a few short years ago, Loft 102 has taken a decidedly different approach to their furniture designs—a philosophy so simple it seems obvious, but from which transformative designs arise.  Eliminate the hype and chatter, listen to the consumer, then interpret those ideas with smarts and style.  The result has been resoundingly positive with retailers and popular with consumers.  So, once again, Loft 102 is listening, envisioning the possibilities and creating new and clever designs for home entertainment consoles with super-functional options, and sleek home office desks that hide everything and store even more. 

To meet the varied needs of its consumers, Loft 102 has created two new home entertainment consoles.  The new 742MB-661 is perfect for those who need a bit more height.  At a sightline-perfect 30” tall, the 661 provides ample storage, even for a center channel speaker, electronic components, gaming controllers, and DVDs, in a more compact 55” width.  The brushed nickel legs and platform base add modernity and an extra touch of shiny pizzazz to the black-finished case.  For even more functionality, consumers can add other Metro Black pieces such as the Low Storage Unit or the Versatile Table, both of which are the same 30” height, to create the ideal entertainment environment for their space.  And, as consumers’ needs evolve each piece of Metro Black can take on new tasks throughout the home

For those with somewhat bigger ideas, Metro Black now offers a 70” wide entertainment console—the 742MB-662.  The clean lines of the 27” tall case are enlivened by the slightly concave design on the front, with three open shelves in the center flanked on either side by door storage.  Again, the black case rests upon a brushed nickel base creating a lighter, more contemporary feel.

Both units accommodate the company’s proprietary StrongArm® television mounting system—a device that allows the television to “float” above the console, as well as providing tilt and pivot options—and the SmartFan® automatic temperature-regulating mechanism.

Versatility is the name of the game for the new 742MB-672 entertainment deck.  Designed to be added on demand to the 662 entertainment console, this piece gives consumers even more design options for their entertainment space.  With a slightly angled profile, the 672 offers consumers the ability to mount a flat-screen television to the back panel or rest it on the 662 console.  Removable open storage boxes can be stacked vertically on the right and/or left side or displayed horizontally across a top shelf.  Either way, they provide tons of storage for DVDs, books, or family mementos.

When it comes to desks there have traditionally been two options—a pedestal desk filled with functional capabilities and storage, and the writing desk with stylish looks and limited capacity.  The ingenious minds at Loft 102 now give us a third option, the function-filled table desk.  The new 742MB-412 table desk is as sleek and modern as can be but it hides another side, a hinged lift-top that conceals storage and charging areas for electronic devices, and cord management.  It even has a pencil drawer under the low-profile front apron. An angled gallery rail around the sides and back of the desktop adds interest and helps reduce the look of desktop clutter.  For added versatility, the Metro Black Desk Caddy fits perfectly on the top putting small-item organization at your fingertips.  A striking brushed nickel frame with straight legs supports the black finished writing surface.

The new Metro Black introductions will be available at retailers nationwide late summer 2010.

About Loft 102
Created by imaginative engineers and designers, Loft 102 embodies clever functionality and forward-looking innovations with the clean lines of American casual styling creating a new level of expectation for multi-purpose, easy-to-live-with home furnishings for today’s tech-savvy consumers.  Loft 102 is a company created by Sligh Furniture of Holland, MI.  Visit

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