One of the hottest furniture categories is television consoles.  Everyone wants one, but not just any one will do.  It has to be good-looking, super-functional, blend with your existing decor and be flexible enough to shift from one location to another.  Almost sounds like a personal ad for the perfect mate, doesn’t it?  Well, there is no need for a matchmaker, just look to Sligh to find your perfect match.

At the October 2009 High Point Market, Sligh introduces two new lift-top television consoles, each with a stunning added feature.  Since 2004, Sligh has produce a wide array of consoles with lift-top mechanisms, putting them on the forefront of this technology.  Now they have gone a step further.

Lift-Top Television Consoles that are Multifunctional

Sligh’s new Alante TV Console (258AL-620) and the Laredo TV Console (251LR-620) are different from any other lift-top consoles you have seen before.

First is their obvious outer beauty.  Alante is a striking oval shape with alternating horizontal bands of light and dark Mozambique veneer that work together to create visual harmony.  This transitionally styled piece is 66”W x 21”D x 48”H, accommodating a television up to 33”W x 5”D x 23”H.  The console is beautifully finished all around so it can be used away from a wall, even as a room divider.

The Laredo television console speaks to a relaxed, casual atmosphere, with its lovely veneer design and warm, aged finish.  It measures 55”W x 20”D x 37”H, accommodating a television with dimensions of 33”W x 5”D x 23”H, and up to 130 lbs.  The Laredo, too, is meant to be seen and used from every angle.

So what makes these consoles so unique?  They can be used in any room—bedroom, family room, den or media room—with access to components and your electronic technology from the front or the back.  How, you say?  Using Sligh’s SmartEye® infrared technology and component access doors at the bottom of both the front and back of each unit, you can now have your TV console against a wall or against the foot of the bed without sacrificing functionality.  Just place the unit with the SmartEye facing you and the technology does the rest.  Access your DVD player, game system or other components from the front faux drawers when the console is against the wall, and from the back faux drawers when it’s against the footboard or bed frame.  Such clever, game-changing technology has come to be expected from Sligh, but isn’t it just a little bit thrilling when they startle us with something new and “well, yeah” at the same time?

About Sligh Furniture
Founded in 1880, Sligh Furniture Company is a family-owned furniture company located in Holland, Michigan.  Now under fourth-generation Sligh family management, the company offers high-quality home entertainment, home office, and home living furniture.  For a list of local dealers offering Sligh furniture, and a complete online catalog of Sligh products, visit www.sligh.com.

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