AF Lighting, a division of Interline Brands, will introduce a new lamp series to include a collection by designer Catherine Smoak at the upcoming Las Vegas Market in February. Smoak’s designs are part of a new introduction called the “Horizon Series,” which features the six table lamp designs, ranging from 18” to 33”, developed by Smoak, along with pieces from three other designers.  A cocktail party in the company’s space in Building A-406 will be held on Monday, February 1, from 4pm-6pm in celebration of this debut.

Smoak found inspiration in a wide range of natural and man-made elements, bringing each design to life in a variety of materials such as molded resin, black crystal, antique papers, and metals.  The Checkmate Lamp with a hand carved black crystal base mimics the iconic Knight’s piece derived from an antique chess set.  Smoak’s modern interpretation finds the oversized game piece standing on a polished chrome platform and topped with a chrome finial.   The Congo Lamp, inspired by antique maps, stamps, and decorative paintings, uses an alligator paper print over which are actual antique stamps from the African nation, Congo.  A chocolate shade and carved elephant finial finish the design.   The aerial view of America’s farmlands as seen from an airplane window provides a unique interpretation in the Aerial Lamp, whose base of mixed metallic finishes celebrates the textures, colors and symmetry that enchants every air traveler.  Even the House of Cards Lamp is a fun and fanciful portrayal of an arrangement of a deck of cards, reminiscent of those Smoak built as a child. 

Karen Fallon, National Business Development Manager for AF Lighting, noted, “As a designer with lamp and decorative accessory product development, sourcing, and merchandising experience, Catherine is an ideal partner for AF Lighting.  Catherine created a collection of designer lighting for our new “Horizon Series” inspired by her travels and personal experiences, reflecting exclusive designs and exceeding our expectations.”  Fallon added, “Initial feedback on Catherine’s designs have been so favorable that we’ve asked her to create several additional pieces, including chandeliers, that we plan to debut during the April High Point Market.”

The Las Vegas World Market will be held February 1-4, 2010.

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