Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Theodore Alexander, a leading manufacturer of fine furniture, has taken its independent sales representatives on the road — to Vietnam.  This extensive visit to its own corporate facilities, large main factory and foundry included tours, meetings, roundtables and more. The sprawling corporate campuses employ more than 3,400 people. Theodore Alexander and Sherrill Furniture jointly sponsored the trip.

The 20 person sales team included David Koehler, president of Theodore Alexander USA and Toni Tallent, director of imports and customer service. Most of the reps are exclusive to Theodore Alexander, while some rep both furniture manufacturers.

The group arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Sunday, August 23 for the four-day excursion. Upon arrival at Tan Son Nhat Airport travelers were whisked away to the luxurious Park Hyatt hotel in the center of the city.  Aside from exploring the Theodore Alexander factory and foundry, reps also previewed the upcoming October introductions and gained an in-depth look at each step of the manufacturing process.  Independent sales representatives met with Theodore Alexander executives including Harvey Dondero, CEO, Anthony Cox, EVP Product Development and Paul Maitland Smith, founder of the company and lead designer. Meetings and roundtables included both large and small group discussions on everything from production and operations to product, sales, market demographics and results of a recent dealer survey. The feedback and ideas gathered will be instrumental in product design and service going forward.

“Theodore Alexander is high-quality, hand-crafted furniture and we felt it important for our independent sales representatives to learn as much as possible about the craftsmanship and value that goes in to making each piece,” Dondero said. “They are now perfectly equipped to extend that knowledge and appreciation of our products to their retailers, design professionals and consumers.”

Monday independent sales reps toured the factory and visited the showroom for a preview of the October market launches. They also had lively round-table discussions sharing feedback and ideas on product. Reps saw first hand how much skill and time are required to create Theodore Alexander furniture, including the detailing of mother-of-pearl veneers, marquetry and the inlay of stainless steel and other materials. They watched master carvers sculpt furniture by hand, using traditional tools.

Tuesday the group headed to the foundry for a full tour of the company’s metalworking capabilities followed by a round-table meeting about the American marketplace. Theodore Alexander’s foundry is an integral part of its operations as it sets the company apart for other high-end manufacturers. Reps observed everything from the various stages of the finishing process to rubber mould/pattern making and gained an understanding of the cycle of brass casting, etching and more. They also received a tutorial on the investment casting process.

The group returned to the factory on Wednesday for meetings with industry icon Paul Maitland Smith to discuss product and design strategies.  Reps broke into smaller groups to further study the various stages of production since Theodore Alexander’s capabilities are virtually limitless and the extent of the manufacturing operations allow the company to control nearly every aspect of operations.

“We brought our sales reps to the finest furniture factory in the world so that they could see first hand some of the skills used in the 18th century and which add value for the consumer in the 21st century,” said Koehler.

About Theodore Alexander
Theodore Alexander is renowned for unmatched craftsmanship, exquisite finishes and extraordinary design.  Covering a diversity of periods and styles, their collections encompass thousands of unique lighting, home accents, case goods, and upholstered furnishings.  Theodore Alexander and its licensed Althorp Living History Collection are available throughout the world at fine furniture galleries and design centers. For more information, visit

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