April 2009, Holland, MI—In 2007 a group of top furniture designers and engineers imagined a new kind of home furnishings, one that defied category because, by its very nature, it was so adaptable, so flexible, it could fit into many categories.  That was the light-bulb idea that became Loft 102, the brand that introduced the furniture industry and consumers to fun, functional and incredibly flexible furniture.

Since then others have mimicked Loft 102, but have yet to, shall we say, put all the pieces together.  At Loft 102, clever minds are continually coming up with the more and the better that keeps this young brand ahead of all the others.  And for consumers, Fall 2009 is going to be a great time to find the furniture that fits their needs now and down the road.

Introducing the Fall 2009 lineup

Metro Black Modular Components

“I need something fabulous for my flat panel TV.”  “How do I store my DVD player, Game Boy® and a printer?” “What if I need a reasonably priced desk that has some style and handles electronics?” 

As consumers, we ask ourselves questions like these all the time.  We want something really good-looking and functional, but we do not want to live with static pieces the rest of our lives because we change, how we live in our homes changes, and technology changes—sometimes at lightning speed.  We want whatever we buy with our hard-earned money to express our modern vision of design, work like a charm, and then, with the wave of a magic wand, change with our changing needs.  We are eager to find quality that will last—we say “no thanks” to that cheap-o faux furniture made of who-knows-what.  We want quality, we want functionality, we want versatility, and we want it affordable.  Basically, we want it all.

Wise Consumer, meet Loft 102’s Metro Black collection—modern, modular and at your service.  Choose from a handful of hot home entertainment or small office pieces that mix-and-match to create exactly what you need.  Dressed in today’s new neutral—black—with nickel accents, Metro Black configures, reconfigures, and stacks into a seemingly endless variety of shapes and uses.

The electronics cabinet anchors the modular home entertainment offerings.  As an individual piece, it stands on a modern stainless base.  Behind the two doors is ample room for a mid-sized flat panel television, audio/video components, gaming devices and CD/DVD storage.  Or, eliminate the base and stack it on top of one of the optional file/storage cabinets and you have the beginnings of a sleek wall unit.  Need more room for your television?  No problem, just pair two file/storage units side by side and flank them with tall storage cases—instant entertainment wall.

From low open storage to high enclosed storage, stand alone or bunched together, Metro Black offers a variety of tech-savvy ideas for fashionably accommodating your favorite books, mementos from far-flung adventures and, of course, your electronics.

But, what if you need something more akin to a desk or workspace?  We’ve got that covered, too.  The heart of Metro Black is its ability to help you create anything from a working nook to a complete home office. 

The super-functional Micro-Office comes equipped for work at counter or desk height, and it takes up less than 4 feet of floor space.  Tiered sections provide everything you need in a home office including a laptop docking station with power, internet and data ports, a keyboard drawer, letter cubbies, tack board, and even a display shelf—genius.

The freestanding desk features plug-in power and an optional desk caddy tray, leather box, pencil cup and media rests.  You can create a full L-shaped work area by adding the appropriately named versatile table and a file storage cabinet to the freestanding desk.  And, that oh-so-accommodating electronics cabinet becomes easy storage for printers and other office electronics, as well as supplies.

Best of all, when your needs change again, just change the pieces around or move them to different rooms—the electronics cabinet would look great in the great room; the versatile table could become your new sofa table; and the tall storage units bunched together in your teen’s room would hold all her “stuff.”

TV Consoles

Most homes today have more televisions than they do bathrooms, or even bedrooms.  That says a lot about our love affair with the small screen (or, in a growing number of cases, the really big screen).  The dilemma is how to properly display the object of our affection and all its associated components, speakers and media in a way that is both pleasing and practical.  Milk crates worked in college, but never again; the smoked glass and Formica easy-to-assemble thing from the
big box store looks like you still live in the ‘80s; and, that gigantic armoire with the sawed out hole in the back…give it back to your grandmother. 

Thanks to the newest additions to the Loft 102 collection, you can watch TV in up-to-date and affordable style.  Here’s the lowdown on the lineup:

52.5”W x 20.5”D x 28.25”H
A smaller console that can fit in nearly any nook in your home with a bold breakfront style and raised panel doors.  Flanking the center doors is closed storage for CDs, DVDs and peripherals.
Comes with interchangeable wood or glass door panels.
Accommodates TVs up to 50” wide.
Available in three finishes:  Antique Black, Olde White, Saybrook

62.5”W x 20.75”D x 28.25”H
Soft architectural arches and rounded corners give this console a casual presence.  Two glass paned doors conceal two adjustable shelves; open center storage with two shelves easily accommodates a center channel speaker and components.
Accommodates TVs up to 60” wide.
Available in three finishes:  Antique Black, Olde White, Saybrook

50”W x 21”D x 37”H
Asymmetry and arches are key design elements in this transitional console.  Drawers with scalloped moldings and adjustable shelves provide ample storage and allow for multiple configurations of audio, video, gaming and/or home theater systems.
Accommodates TVs up to 49” wide.
Finish:  Pasadena

69”W x 20.5”D x 31”H
Turn-of-the-century Arts & Crafts meets Asian Fusion in this unique transitional console.  This sleek piece marries softly arched base and top aprons with scalloped door and drawer moldings.  Upper arched center section easily houses a center channel speaker.
Wood framed doors come with interchangeable wood or glass panels or speaker cloth.
Accommodates TVs up to 68” wide.
Finish:  Pasadena

72”W x 22.25”D x 33.25”H
For the traditionalist, this gracious Italian Renaissance-inspired console boasts intricately carved Corinthian columns.  The breakfront architecture and arched top aprons complement your room with sophistication and style.
Center area accommodates surround sound speaker bar.
Wood framed doors come with interchangeable wood or glass panels or speaker cloth.
Accommodates TVs up to 72”.
Finish:  Glen Arbor

All Loft 102 television consoles accommodate Sligh’s exclusive StrongArmTM adjustable television mounting device, and their SmartFanTM automatic heat-sensing fan.

About Loft 102
Created by imaginative engineers and designers, Loft 102 embodies clever functionality and forward-looking innovations with the clean lines of American casual styling creating a new level of expectation for multi-purpose, easy-to-live-with home furnishings for today’s tech-savvy consumers.  Loft 102 is a company created by Sligh Furniture of Holland, MI.  Visit

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