Get Your Work In Print, Vision magazine, Jan/Feb 2017

An overview to getting published 

by Kathy Wall, Ringleader, The Media Matters

If one of your goals for 2017 is to see your design projects in print, these are some of the first steps you need to take in order to make that goal a reality. 

Where Does Your Work Fit? 

First and foremost, know your style—where it ts, and where it doesn’t. Would your work be right at home in Dwell, or is
it be er suited for Tradi onal Home? There are many terrif- ic regional publica ons from which to choose as well as of course, specialty trade publica ons such as the one you’re reading right now! 

Get started by visi ng a magazine’s web site and download- ing its media kit. In it, you’ll nd the publica on’s mission statement, and the philosophy it strives to provide to its readers. You’ll be introduced to the editor-in-chief and pub- lisher, and be able to read editorial bios. You can learn about the publica on’s audience and its upcoming editorial calen- dar. Remember, their goal is not to serve you—their goal is to serve their readers. 

Invest in Photography 

Nowadays, many folks think that taking pictures with their phones or having a nice camera would su ce, but the rooms won’t be properly lit to best display your nished product. Because interior design is a highly visual industry and rooms are much more complicated to shoot than most s ll life sub- jects, it’s cri cal to use a professional photographer to shoot your most recent jobs. 

Editors will need to see your design aesthe c in the best pos- sible light—literally. So it’s a cost worth the investment.
And since editors as well as poten al clients are going to check out your work, you de nitely want to use professional photographs across all your social media pla orms. It will help you establish your business and improve your online presence. 

Make a Connec on 

Speaking of your online presence, make sure all your contact informa on is correct and up-to-date. Editors will need to know how to nd you once they discover what fabulous work you do. 

Don’t hesitate to engage with editors and their publica ons on social sites. Be visible by connec ng and sharing their posts when appropriate, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to appear to be a stalker! 

Pitch Perfect 

When connec ng, make sure you’re contac ng the right people at the publica ons in which you’d like to appear. It’s o en easy to mis-direct your outreach when the masthead is lled with layers of editorial tles and editors are constantly bombarded with pitches, so don’t simply start at the top and work your way down. Our sugges on is to never underes - mate the value of reaching out to editorial assistants! They know what their editors want. 

Make your pitches to a small, select number of publica ons. Don’t make a blanket pitch. The interior design publica on world is a small one, and editors o en know one another. And don’t ever submit a design project that’s been published anywhere else previously, even in a regional online magazine. 

Take a look at the area in which you live, and explore what publica ons you might want to contact. Here in the South, we have a number of excellent regional magazines. Research sites, consult colleagues, hone that perfect pitch. 

Remember: no response doesn’t mean “no.” One client sent out 20 pitches and didn’t hear from the rst 18. Be pa ent. Two months is nothing in the publishing world, when editors o en work on deadlines a year or so ahead. Un l you hear the word “no,” being published is always a possibility.

Kathy Wall is president and ringleader of The Media Ma ers, an agency in the Triad area of North Carolina o ering marke ng, 

adver sing, and brand strategy to a roster of interna onal clients. Kathy has shared her talents with the home furnishings industry for three decades before forming her own business 16 years ago. Her mo o? “We don’t work with jerks.” 

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