Picture Source Somerset Debuts Three New Artists for High Point Market

Artwork authority, Picture Source Somerset will introduce three new artists offering exclusive artwork for the October market.  To celebrate the partnership with these top talents, the company invites market attendees to a champagne reception and to meet two of the artists on Monday, Oct. 24 at 2p.m. in the Picture Source Somerset showroom, IHFC C461.

The works of Leslie Rowland, Kehren Barbour, and Roux LaReine will be on display at Picture Source Somerset along with nearly 200 other new introductions.  Each of these exclusive artists will debut 10-15 pieces for the company this market.

“Leslie, Kehren and Roux bring their own uniquely informed perspective and unexpected techniques to their work,” says Julia Marks, Picture Source Somerset’s chief visionary officer. “Whether it is the impactful selection of color, a thoughtful choice of materials, or the stories these pieces convey, they evoke both emotional and cerebral responses for the viewer.”

“In addition to pieces by Leslie, Kehren and Roux, we have new and exclusive artwork from our long time artists John Butler and Nicol, and our talented in-house studio artists have created over a dozen new pieces,” noted Marks. “We are focusing on creating unique and exclusive artwork to set our brand apart, offering quality original pieces at a competitive price. We want buyers to know we are serious about original art.”

Indeed, about 30 percent of the Picture Source Somerset line is original art. The company offers comprehensive customization for your pieces, including resizing art, custom matting and framing, and custom coloring.


Roux LaReine

“Line and color are my language, and together, they tell the story of my experience in the world, and allow me to share my inner landscape with the viewer,” LaReine says. “My process is organic in that I do not begin with a specific finished image in my mind, although I do often work from a conceptual framework, such as lines from a poem, a particular musical inspiration, or a current event that particularly moves me.”

LaReine builds her paintings by layering. She may begin with a vibrant color field, adding neutral areas and marks as she develops the visual story. She may use calligraphic or graffiti-like marks, composing the piece so that the underpainting remains a visible part of its history.

Leslie Rowland

Rowland has been painting for 20 years. Before moving to Asheville, she lived in Florida, Washington, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Texas, and was inspired by a great variety of natural environments.

Rowland developed an intense connection with nature from years spent traveling and studying in the developing world. She’s visited India, Thailand, Nepal, and South and Central America. She was intensely inspired by the textures and vivid colors of the endemic cultures. Her love for color, texture and layered paint is evident. She studies pattern, color palettes and textures found in nature and seeks to create compositions reflecting these organic elements. 


Rowland’s Porcelain Paintings, much like in printmaking, are created one layer at a time with a medium she has created.  Each color is laid down as a separate layer, and Rowland’s works consist of as many as 20 layers.


Kehren Barbour


Since 2012, Barbour has been creating artwork from decommissioned and deconstructed pianos as part of the Post Piano Project. Barbour gives these instruments, no longer playable, a new life and new purpose.

“My Post Piano Project pieces for Picture Source Somerset are two-dimensional, matted, framed and layered assemblage pieces,” Barbour notes. “They are made with collaged, dyed sheet-music and layered with interesting and unusual pieces of the inner workings of the pianos and guitars.”


About Picture Source Somerset

Founded in 1975, Picture Source is known for exclusive artwork collections tailored to support the ever-changing design trends of the residential furniture industry.  Best known for being a trendsetter and innovator, their success can be attributed to an understanding of color, fashion and design.  Picture Source has always been proud to guarantee their materials and workmanship, and is currently focused on a greener approach to manufacturing.  With a top-notch art consulting team and custom framing capabilities, the company has recently expanded their markets to include hospitality and health care. In 2016 Picture Source acquired Somerset Studio, a creator and supplier of stylish framed art for the home, and combined the talents and resources of both companies to become Picture Source Somerset. Please visit www.picture-source.com for more information.


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