Amerock's New 1929 Refined Collection Reflects Fresh Trends In Home Decor

Decorative hardware company Amerock introduces its new 1929 Refined Collection of exclusive hardware. Attuned to the latest trends in the home decor industry, the company has developed many of its new products in response to demand from style-conscious consumers looking for fresh, updated looks. The eight new Refined Collections, both the geometries and the finishes, were inspired by the latest industry trends. 

New Metallic Tones 

Golden Champagne is one of the hottest new finishes in decorative hardware. It is warm and inviting without being brassy. This attractive hue elevates designs with enviable versatility. Use for a soft and elegant touch on lighter finishes or as a contrasting pop against darker finishes. Golden Champagne’s modern take on the darker shade of gold, often found in traditional interiors, injects a touch of glam. 

Gunmetal is another leading new finish in decorative hardware. Fast cars and high style are echoed in this sleek hue, borrowed now for stunning accents in home décor. Elegant and eye- catching, Gunmetal is the perfect alternative for those who love metallic, but prefer a hint of subtlety. Use this finish to enhance the modern ambience of stainless steel and black appliances without overwhelming their natural gravity. 

The industrial look of Gunmetal is Golden Champagne’s polar opposite. This dark hue complements loft spaces, modern kitchens with stainless steel or black appliances, reclaimed wood furnishings and rustic interiors. 

Organic Elements 

Eco-friendly organic materials, such as rugs of woven wool or jute, bamboo flooring, and unstained, natural wood furniture, are making their way into interiors as homeowners rediscover materials found in nature. Consumers also accessorize with faux coral, shells, decorative wooden objects and handmade items to accent their living space. Amerock’s Sea Grass Collection with its lines mimicking slender rays or delicate 

fronds is a prime example of this trend. 


Consumers can’t seem to get enough of the quatrefoil motif, which is enjoying a comeback in everything from wallpaper, upholstery, curtain fabric, rugs, lighting and mirrors as well as furniture. The timeless emblem, as seen in the Grace Revitalize Collection, was a mainstay in Gothic, Renaissance and Moorish architecture, and has classic appeal that never seems outdated. 

Graphic Elements 

Graphic patterns and three- dimensional objects in graphic shapes are a major trend in home décor. Whether they pop up in an octagonal lamp base, a square vase, a triangular occasional table, or in rug, fabric and tile patterns, graphic designs are everywhere. Not only do they pack visual punch, they also add variety and a casual vibe to transitional and contemporary interiors. The Davenport Collection’s strong lines installed vertically or horizontally add a refined geometry to any space. 

Mixed Media 

The era of matchy-matchy has officially ended. Today’s homeowners approach their interior as a space where they can express their individual preferences, aesthetics and style. They are open to mixing furniture and accessories from different time periods, collections and styles, and juxtaposing textures that play off one another. Eclectic combinations, such as a modern vase on a family heirloom table facing a sleek modernist sofa, do not faze consumers, who are no longer rule-bound and enjoy the freedom of personalizing their décor

The Oberon (shown) and Esquire Collections are designed with this creative freedom in mind. Oberon mixes various metals and also pairs metals with frosted acrylic inserts to create personal style statements. The Esquire Collection is a mix of upscale finishes and textured accents in a handsome, streamlined, contemporary look. 

Luxe and Diamonds 

The glitz and glamour of luxe and diamonds are showing up on fashion runways, in evening wear and in home décor. The added sparkle can turn ordinary into extraordinary, the everyday into gorgeous, ho-hum into sophisticated. The Wells Collection was designed with a nod to this trend. A perfectly balanced silhouette flirts with the angled edges of a gemstone cut. Mount the Wells knobs at 45 degrees to add a touch of diamonds and a special elegant dash. 

20’s Inspired 

The 1920’s represents a period where fashion entered a modern era. It was a time of libations and frivolity, of elegance and sophistication. New trends in women’s fashion focused on pleated skirts while the flappers added beads and baubles to the scene. As with all popular fashion trends the classics continue to reign supreme. The Crawford and Carolyne (shown right) Collections are headlining on the classic 20’s Inspired stage. Crawford with its pleat-inspired centers and Carolyne with its elegant beading and bright polished finishes create show stopping looks. 

# # # 

Always Creating. Always Timeless. Always Amerock. 

Amerock’s award-winning decorative and functional hardware solutions have built the company’s reputation for chic design accessories that inspire homeowners to express their personal style. Available in a variety of finishes and styles, Amerock offers high quality designs at affordable prices. Founded in 1929, Amerock is headquartered in Mooresville, NC. For additional information please visit, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Houzz and Instagram

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