Introducing Snooze Strap

Lexington, NC, June 18, 2015 – Snooze StrapTM, an innovative and affordable new product, makes its debut today, available for order at the company’s website,  According to its creators, Rick and Stephanie Allred, Snooze Strap will forever change the way you sleep.

Snooze Strap helps solve the age-old dilemma of achieving a good night’s sleep.  Do you sleep with a cover hogger? Do you suffer from night sweats? Do you find yourself hugging the edge of the bed? The battle for the covers makes your mattress a war zone every night.  Don’t give up the battle and move to the couch – it’s time for Snooze Strap to come to the rescue!

Snooze Strap is an easy to use strap that encircles the mattress, holding the blanket and sheet snugly in place.  Adjustable for King, Queen or Double sized beds, the specially engineered clip fastens easily when you are ready for sleep, and unfastens just as smoothly when you are ready to cuddle.  Snooze Strap works equally well for single sleepers in large beds who want the ease it affords when making the bed, as the sheet and blanket are undisturbed on the unused side of the bed. 

Sold exclusively online, Snooze Strap was developed by a husband and wife team to answer a question many couples face – can partners sleep together peacefully for the rest of their life even as their sleep habits change?  This pioneering product, made of a durable webbing material, assures a good night’s sleep for partners of those who are suffering from menopausal night sweats; restless sleepers who hog the covers; those with sleep Apnea and other medical conditions; and for people who wake often to use the bathroom. The Snooze Strap, which holds the sheet and blanket in place, provides ample covers and an uninterrupted night of sleep for your partner, avoiding the need for one of the partners to move to the couch or spare bedroom.  Snooze Strap,, is an affordable way to secure your space, and sleep peacefully.

With a money back guarantee, the American-made Snooze Strap is currently priced at $19.99 and is available online at for MasterCard or Visa shoppers.  Orders are processed within two business days (allow up to four business days for receipt via USPS) and shipping and handling is $5.95 per unit within the continental United States.  Returns within 30 days receive a full refund of the purchase price.

About Snooze Strap

Snooze Strap is the creation of a couple whose sleeping habits shifted over their 32 happy years of marriage.  The entrepreneurial venture is located in Triad-North Carolina and ships its product throughout the US.  For more information visit the website at

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