Delray Beach, Florida, October 1, 2014 – Electrical house fires in the United States caused more than 400 deaths, 1,500 injuries and $1.4 billion in direct property damage, according to a report published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Twin-Star International, manufacturer of a wide range of home products and furnishings, aims to reduce the number of electrical fires in the home with its simple, innovative new Safer Socket.  The patent pending technology within this device prevents electrical outlets and appliances plugged into them from overheating.  The device requires no special wiring or professional installation.

Here’s how Safer Socket works

Safer Socket plugs into any existing outlet. Its slim design blends into almost any decor.  The user is then free to plug any electrical appliance into the device. Safer Socket then continually monitors the temperature of the plug with its five tiny thermostats housed inside the unit. It automatically shuts off the plugged-in appliance if it detects an unsafe rise in temperature that could lead to an electrical fire.

Safer Socket’s LED lights glow green when the unit is plugged in and energized. The red light will illuminate when overheating has taken place and the electrical appliance has been shut off. To reset, wait 10 minutes for the outlet to cool, unplug and then re-plug Safer Socket into the wall outlet. The green light will illuminate signaling that the device has been reset. If the overheating problem persists, a qualified electrician should examine the faulty outlet or appliance.

Safer Socket can be plugged into any standard indoor, grounded outlet (3 prongs). It provides added security for older or loose plugs, or where energized electrical devices like holiday lights, cooking appliances, heaters and fans are left plugged in and unattended. With Safer Socket it is not necessary to unplug appliances when not using them.

Preventing the most common causes of electrical fires

More than 30% of America’s homes—about 30 million houses—are 50 or more years old.  Homes built in the 1960s and early 1970s often have aluminum wiring, which oxidizes and corrodes more easily than copper, and has been linked by the Consumer Products Safety Commission to electrical fires. Because Safer Socket helps prevent old and corroded wiring from overheating – it helps to protect against arc faults, a leading cause of electrical fires.

“Outlet overheating is always a concern with electrical products” stated Product Director and Developer of the Safer Socket, Tyler Nemes. “Two years ago we developed our Safer Plug technology that we incorporated into Twin-Star products which prevents our plugs from overheating. We developed the Safer Socket to allow our Safer Plug technology to be used with existing standard outlets.”

Nemes also noted “The launch of Safer Socket is exciting for us all – creating a safe, inexpensive barrier between our customers and electrical fires, as well as helping to put their mind at ease is well worth all of the hard work our teams have put into this.”

Safer Socket is available through and retails for $19.99 each or buy 3 for $59.99 and get one free. Twin-Star is offering free shipping on all orders through October in honor of national fire safety month.

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About Twin-Star

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