April 20, 2012, Bassett, VA. – With a sophisticated graphite finish, Meadowbrook Manor updates traditional style with Continental flair and eye candy accents.

Encompassing designs for living, dining and bedrooms, the collection takes aim at a generation of consumers who--while remaining attached to their lovely suburban homes--are eschewing dated “brown” furnishings and heavy antiques in favor of new traditional style.  Meadowbrook Manor plays to its audience with distinct references to European travel in its signature, fretwork motif, while dressmaker details like ruching on the arm of a leather chair and sofa, or elegant fabrics like shagreen and jewelry-like studs, echo the world of fashion.  

We’re an eclectic collaboration of women with the knowledge, contacts, skills, and creative mindset to identify opportunities, offer possibilities, and provide solutions for all types of marketing challenges. Put simply: We make you look GOOD!
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We love exploring new ideas, developing concepts, brainstorming just the right copy, and putting our creative “eye” on the photography and visual components used to communicate our clients’ messages.
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Our approach?  Good old-fashioned common sense and creativity.  Through captivating imagery and language, we can help you break ahead of your competition and stand out in the world of the ordinary.
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