Kincaid adds new solid wood bedroom, dining, and accent pieces 
to Eco3Home-registered collection

Beautifully rustic solid white oak makes its debut with new introductions in Kincaid’s award-winning Homecoming collection.  The first furniture products to be Eco3Home registered for safety, health and environmental stewardship, Homecoming sets the benchmark for fine solid wood craftsmanship, exceptional design, and sustainability.

Further, Homecoming signals a remarkable partnership between Kincaid and Habitat for Humanity International®.  To date the only home furnishings company to become a Habitat Corporate Partner, Kincaid is donating one percent from the wholesale price of each item sold from the more than 100-piece collection to Habitat for Humanity.

New for October Market

Vintage Oak
Referencing the common practice of repurposing items from around the farm and farmhouse, many Vintage Oak pieces meld “found” objects, such as old doors, water troughs or metal strapping, with the look of hand planed planking to create pieces that celebrate this early version of environmental-stewardship-by-necessity, appealing to consumers that appreciate down-to-earth practicality with updated amenities.

The Linville Bed combines solid white oak with poplar bark inserts, metal strapping and slightly imperfect edging reproducing the effect of hand planed surfaces.  Made in the USA.

In early homes, wardrobes were a mainstay in every bedroom serving to hold clothing, shoes and personal treasures.  The Tack Closet updates that tradition with storage drawers, shelving, and removable closet rod.  The X-design harkens back to barn and tack doors that needed to be sturdy and warp-resistant.  Made in the USA.   

The Farmhouse Buffet is filled with cabinets, drawers, silver storage and even an old-fashioned tilt-out bottom drawer.  Medicine cabinet-style thumb latches and wood latches provide clever functionality.  Paired with the beadboard-backed Cupboard with antique straw glass inserts, creates a farmhouse classic.  

The Potting Bench is a paragon of versatility.  Whether it sits in an entry as the repository for keys, electronics, and correspondence or in a family room displaying photos and mementos, the Potting Bench adds style and interest wherever it goes.

There’s no lack of conversation around the Water Trough Cocktail Table. Rough edging replicates the worn markings made by horses and other domesticated animals.  Threaded metal rods on each end secure the piece and add authenticity to the design.  

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