For consumers who want a more robust home entertainment experience, Berkline offers several new and enhanced technologies to complement their industry-leading seating offerings.

Leading the list is a new proprietary wireless feature for the Concert Series, the company’s popular line of chairs that incorporate built-in stereo speakers, including a subwoofer.  Controls cleverly built into the arm of the chair allow the user to connect with any entertainment system and can be operated up to 75 feet away from components. This offers consumers to access their televisions, play video games or interface with their home theater free from unsightly wires.

The company is also introducing a variety of new features for its home theater line including an option that provides individual intensity control for each seat.  Utilizing a proprietary silent subwoofer, known as a Buttkicker®, built in to the home theater recliner, viewers feel the powerful bass transmitted from any audio source.  With the individually controlled Buttkicker each user adjusts the level to what they want, creating a uniquely customized home theater experience.

Another feature focused on allowing users to personalize their experience is the new individually controlled lighted cup holder.  Previously, all cup holders were connected to a single master control so all were either turned on or off.  Berkline’s new enhancement allows individuals to turn the cup holder lights on or off with a discreet switch located on the face of the cup holder.

Achieving real comfort has always been easy with Berkline’s home theater line but now it is made simpler, too.  The Power Recline® feature has been smartly realigned so that it is ergonomically positioned on the chair’s cup holder.  Now users will literally have all the functionality they desire at their fingertips.

About Berkline
For more than 80 years, Berkline has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of upholstered furniture and home theater seating with motion technology.  From their global headquarters in Morristown, Tennessee, the company produces innovative furnishings that make life easier, healthier and more enjoyable.  Berkline’s products are available worldwide through national and regional home furnishings chains, independent furniture retailers, mass market retailers, and department stores.  For more information about Berkline and its products, please visit www.berkline.com.

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